Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Faaaavorite things made one.

Sugar and Design finally meet as one. Its gonna get messy, but it probably worth it.

nendo | works:chocolate-pencils

After a hard days work of concepting and boarding your tummy will be full of inspiration. This is an interesting find even compared to my recent find of vosges chocolate and bacon exotic bar. I'm just wondering how good the cake tastes if you have work all day before you get to eat it...

Chocolate-pencils is a collaboration with patissier Tsujiguchi Hironobu, the mastermind behind popular dessert shops like Mont St. Claire and Le Chocolat de H (these guys are genius). A whole nother level of product design and culinary arts, the plate and pencils where design as a perfect compliment, good taste in design (no pun intended).

I saw this after just a few second of cruzing my normal design news on PROTEIN® OS which is also a very cool source for inspiration / trend following from rest of the world.

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