Sunday, March 2, 2008

Holy Uranium BatMan its SG_2.0!!!

Okay I know there a small percentage of designers playing in the world of OOP Object-oreinted pattern programming or just plain old computer art, and I know I've always wanted to learn OOP codeing like Java ,but this just makes me drool... watch below.

so once you've been wow'ed and remind yourself we havent ben replaced by robots...yet, it does mean we need to start considering a programmer as a designers best friend, or give up learning French, Japanese, or Russian and start learning code.

So the video that just blew you away is a plugin for Adobe Illustrator called scriptographer is allows code to generate art based on advance math and some decently heavy code but scriptographer is still opensource and if your intrested in checking it out I would before its gone or costs an arm and a leg. alot of these same techniques are being used in Flash (Joshua Davis), After Effects (psyop does it), robotic / new media art, and some graffiti although you could probably call that new media too...

more on this stuff latter.. to much to go into...

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