Friday, May 15, 2009

Strawberry Twizzlers 2009 Launch

Hershey's decided it was time to relaunch the Twizzlers brand this year, and so did we. Celebrating it's 10 year return, we wanted to give the viewers some eye candy. It's purely fun, upbeat and a little bit twisty.

Thanks to for the wonderful work.

Strawberry Twizzlers :15 TV Spot 2009
Agency: Arnold NYC, Art Director: Gradwell Sears, Copy Writer: Susan Pracht, Producer: Anthony Migliaccio, Design & Animation: Logan, Music: Nylon Studios, Edit/Mix: Eleven

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KARMEN said...

I know I am not crazy Hershey's did make Strawberry Twizzlers P-N-P. Was purchasing it from 1994-2006. In the latter part of 2006 it disappeared from the store shelves. In calling Hershey's they said they never made it and asked me for a upc.

Does anybody believe me?

A New Yorker said that is the only kind she buys.