Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ad Songs of the Year

Yesterday, Ad Age published an article claiming what they felt were the top songs used in an ad this year. Somewhat surprising (not because of the musical talent, but for the lack of any media push), our spot for Timex iControl using the Liars, "clear island" was rated amongst the top five.

Here's an excerpt from Ad Age along with the link:

Ad Songs of the Year
Plus the Most Questionable Soundtrack Choices
By Charlie Moran

Arnold Worldwide took the fiery-orange waveform of a Liars track and made a runner sprint through it as it explodes around him. The band chants in the background with a long, droning chord, and the relentless intensity is only broken by a few dime-turning guitar breaks. It's not the stuff of hook-laden "modern hard rock," and the audacious choice makes for the most memorable watch commercial we've ever seen.

Advertising Age
The Liars

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