Monday, July 14, 2008


This past weekend, I took a trip up to Montréal to see the sites, speak a very little French, and indulge in some Montreal cuisine. The weekend was filled with poutine, some smoke meats, and a lot of foie gras with a little design on the side. Some spots to check out if you're ever in Montreal:

We originally found Le Club Chasse et Peche by it's unique sign above it's entrance. A fair mix of wild game, maple leaves and a fleurdelisé painted in white on a black plaque really made the place stand out located on the quiet cobble stone street of St. Claude. The food was pretty decent, and the portions are fair. But the interior decor and overall vibe was worth the visit if only for a drink.

Au Pied de Cochon - "The Pig's Foot" was awesome. It was recommended prior to the trip north, and I highly recommend it to anyone reading. A fine mixture of meats and seafood, you can find yourself very happy and very filled at the end of your meal. The service was stellar as well. As each patron dropped their butter knife to the floor (because of how it was wrapped in the napkin), there was someone waiting to hand you another. Also, there was a great piece of art with a pig hanging above the kitchen that sparked a laugh.

Lastly, Mechant Boeuf. Located in Old Montreal this place is known for the "best burger in montreal". This was another shop that prompted a menu read due to their logo. An "angry" bull's head blowing off a little steam in the shape of a fleurdelisé. Clever. We didn't make in since we ran out of nights to eat, but I will be sure to stop in the next time visiting.

Not food, but cool none the less. Surface Jalouse is a gallery collection and store that prints onto just about anything but specializes in furniture. You bring in the object and an idea, and they'll work with you to make a unique piece for your collection.

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