Monday, June 16, 2008


Fianlly a new exsploration with the animation of Batman;
with all my fav directors
(links to there short and clips and directors profiles)
Shoujirou Nishimi (Mind Game key animator, Tekkonkinkreet)
Yasuhiro Aoki - (Animatrix’s “Beyond key animator)

So imagine an animatrix offshoot stories of batman. oh and you have to get past the MOVIE STUDIO LOGOS too (wish they could wait till the end to sell the studio).
Batman: Gotham Knight

I'm very excited about his one. netflix it!
and don't get me wrong I love the noir comic styling form the animated batman series, but I've always wanted to see a more advetorus use of cinemtography and action sequences buy anime directors. I mean how many artist write and illustrat the comics and have there interpertation of "the Bat".

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