Friday, April 25, 2008

OMG!!! Androids are coming!

google-android-lg1.jpgAgain I'm a little school girl and already looking for an alternatives to the iphone, Anthing left open in my book is a winner Google starts with a contest to develop software for the phone with emulator for testing you software before it even comes out!, I mean this should be dope... (well if you don't mind missing out that seductive touch screen)
Android Developer Challenge
The Android Phone is in production but this is a link to there SDK kit and a preview of other possilbe uses for it. its going to be a cell with a ton of other options. It will be on T-moblie so this should be there ticket backinto the game the def have been quite behind but if this works out the will probly leave everyone elese in the dust so E-trade it up yall!

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