Monday, March 24, 2008


The next big thing for mmorpg's

If you like the earlier SIMS off shoots like SIM earth, SIM ants, SIM species?, SIM city, or the new standard SIMS your gonna freak out, take all those games combine them to one and make it a multiplayer online community, and you will have the craziest funniest game soon to-be out there.


oh and it will put creationist in there place cuz you know its science. (well I'll speak for myself)...
not only awesome in that way its also probably gong to be one the first few iphone games with the new SDK kit!!!
(no worries its not just a mobile game it will be mac and pc based as well.)

Oh and if thats not enough SIMs 3 is in develoment too!! yeah... for video games that make us forget we have a real life, then spend time making cyber friends with ai...kinda sad on my part...
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