Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Alternate to the DS for the Music addict

The Pacemaker

For all the electronic music lovers that don't DJ or make mix tapes anymore but always wish they did, this is your next music gadget. if neither or both of these apply (does that make sence?) its a great way to listen to music, learn to DJ, or even play with the notion of learning to listen to music like a DJ.

The Pacemaker

I'm going to use my iphone / ipod as my movie player and my music is going to be managed buy this monster (well mini monster 120GB). I'm 4715th in line to get mine when they release in the US.
Photo 05
so the only other alternative which I think others maybe instrested in is Djay for itunes which will let you do almost all the same things as the above but on a laptop not in the palm of your hands.

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